• Markham | Renovation, Addition & Garden Design
    Lynn Appleby in collaboration with David Didur, Think2Thing

    Writing Room: Suspended up in the trees and under the sky. Stone floors from a riverbed in Carthage. When the interior garden is being watered and drops of water fall upon the floor, the rooms fills with the fragrance of Africa… even when it is snowing outside.

    Kitchen/Dining Room: with a movable island designed to fit into a Corian table with patinated steel legs. Above are five hanging lanterns made of seventy hand crafted bronze tubes which suspend fifteen planes of light. The lanterns are seen from many vantage points and create a magical atmosphere at night as you can see their reflection in the curtain walls of glass.

    Shower Garden: with Venetian mosaics and a view to the sky. You might see just a hint of the fuschia bougainvillea beginning to grow from a planter embedded in the floor, getting ready to climb the wall of hones African stone. Above the tub are Canadian ice huts with metallic flecks of colour that glisten in resonance with the Venetian mosaics. Living Room: with pear wood cabinetry and Japanese red lacquer interiors. High up there is a wine colored lacquer niche lined in glass that houses the two hundred year old iron-wood guardian figure… protector of the village from the Dayak tribe in Borneo.

    Garden: with a footbridge that recalls the Querini Stampalia and a raw steel totem that blooms amongst the rhododendron, illuminating the way at night…

    Visit Think 2 Thing, 3D Innovation Centre. Designed by Lynn Appleby in collaboration with David Didur

  • Anthropocene Documentary writing room
    with the Edward Burtynsky research crew. Big plans for shoots this year! Photoc/o Nick de Pencier

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    Anthropocene Project