• Burtynsky Studio | 2,000 sq ft., | Renovation
    Lynn Appleby in collaboration with David Didur, Think2Thing

    The goal was to create a studio and sanctuary for a photographer who runs a busy Toronto photography studio and laboratory. Within a downtown Toronto warehouse building, characterized by its heavy timber post and beam structure, we designed and inserted a new structure to define offices, workspace and storage. The offices are separated from the workspace by custom designed 9' high sliding glass doors. The principal office has a floor to ceiling steel and glass bookcase with a sliding ladder. In the workspace we created a viewing wall using steel plate material rubbed with a fine patina finish. Stainless steel magnets are used to attach photographs to this wall which is utilized daily to view and inspect photographs that are in production. The impression is dramatic upon entering the studio, one immediately sees the image of the day, China, Bangladesh, Alberta tar sands ...... temporarily suspended by magnets on the wall designed to be a "working wall".

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